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SWE-CI Monthly spotlight



Rosalee Martinez-Weber is the NPI manager for the Medium Vee platform team. She is responsible for the New Product Introduction for the C27 – C32V engines manufactured in Griffin, GA & Aurangabad, India, and the marinization of the C9 – C18 engines. Rosalee began her career at Caterpillar in the corporate internship program on the On-highway component development team in LPSD. She joined the fuel systems team developing the MEUI-C fuel injector when she graduated. Her career has predominately been in large engine development, with time spent between component development teams and the engine lab, Reman, and product and aftermarket support. She has spent two assignments working in Spanish-speaking countries, including the Reman Nuevo Laredo facility as a Salvage Black Belt and Antofagasta, Chile, as a Field Engineer for Lafayette 3500/C175 engines. 

Rosalee was born in Miami, Florida, and her family is of Cuban and Spanish descent. She had an enjoyable childhood working in her family business and learning about diesel engines since her father was a diesel tech for a large Yachting company in Miami. The exposure to foreign cars and the Fast & Furious racing culture in Miami is some of the inspiration that led her to pursue a career in engineering. 

Rosalee will be celebrating her 20th anniversary at Caterpillar in 2024. She has three small daughters and hopes to inspire them to pursue a STEM career. She has been a member of SWE, SHPE, and ASME throughout her college and professional career and has had several leadership roles. She is an active member and enjoys mentoring within Caterpillar. She is involved in her children’s PTA and the St Mary’s of Kickapoo parish.