Work / Life Integration Committee

The Work/Life Integration Committee enables women engineers (and other employees) to continue rewarding careers and fully contribute in their jobs while having the opportunity to meet others, participate in fun events, and take on life as your best self.

We’ve heard the desire to learn how to more effectively integrate our professional responsibilities with our personal responsibilities. The Central Illinois Section offers many events throughout the year around Work/Life Integration. Some of the events showcase life skills such as time management, stress relief, or physical well-being while others are social events involving members and their families – networking and fun!

About the Committee

  • There are currently 10 committee members in addition to the Committee Chairs
  • Committee members meet virtually every month to plan upcoming events
  • Committee involvement varies from helping with ideas for an event, to securing the event location or caterer, to purchasing supplies for an event.  Commitment can also be customized to your unique situation so that you can be involved as little or as much as you are able.


  • Social Events 
  • Family-Friendly Events
  • Annual Brunch (members-only event) 
  • Annual Central Illinois SWE Picnic 
  • Past Events
    • Hiking Event
    • Painting Workshop
    • Candle Making
    • Wine & Yoga
    • Peoria Sculpture Walk
    • Happy Hour Event
    • Trivia Night


Work/Life Integration Past Activities

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